10 Jul Fair Trade Food For Thought:

Three years ago we began working as a distributor of Domino Sugars/Florida Crystals Fair Trade sugars. A year later, we began selling Fair Trade cocoa products for Indcresa and United Cocoa Processors.

What we have learned in that time is that the added cost for the goods is not nearly as burdensome as I had anticipated. It brings on, roughly, a 10% increase in cost for the ingredient. We have also learned that the people at Fair Trade USA are great to work with and make the process relatively easy. As a Fair Trade certified distributor, we are required to document our purchases and sales on a quarterly basis. Since all customers and suppliers are Fair Trade certified as well, they are able to match and verify the numbers.

Attached is a press release from Fair Trade USA that highlights the growing awareness of what the Fair Trade label signifies. If this is a certification that you are interested in pursuing, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.