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14 Jul
The New US-Mexico Sugar Trade Deal

[caption id="attachment_16292" align="alignleft" width="103"] Chip Smith - Principle, A.N. Smith & Company and MJ Distribution[/caption] On June 6th, the United States’ Secretary of Commerce and Mexico’s Secretary of Economy announced a new US-Mexico sugar trade deal. This agreement, in principle, would suspend countervailing duties against Mexican...

10 Jul
Fair Trade Food For Thought:

Three years ago we began working as a distributor of Domino Sugars/Florida Crystals Fair Trade sugars. A year later, we began selling Fair Trade cocoa products for Indcresa and United Cocoa Processors. What we have learned in that time is that the added cost for the...

07 Feb
Sea Salt Business

MJ Distribution is now the first U.S. industrial distributor for Salins, a French salt company. This is important for two reasons. The first reason is that we now sell salt! The second reason that this is important has to do with how we came to...

05 Sep
Sugar Market Update

The U.S. sugar market is in a unique state right now that I have not seen in my 11 years working in the industry. It appears the demand for non-GMO ingredients has created two very distinct subsets to the domestic refined sugar market. Cane sugar...

23 May
MJ Distribution Finds Sweet Spot With Local Distilleries

As a distributor for Domino Sugar, MJ Distribution has had recent success in supplying new local distilleries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, DC, and Virginia with the sugar or molasses they are looking for to craft their artisanal rums, brandies, and liquers. Robin Fernald, Operations Manager...